FREE VPS No Credit Card 6 Months Unlimited Trial

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Just go to this link and register to receive your 6 months free credit of VPS with 1 core and 2 GB of ram.

After you clicked that link above, you will get something like the photo from below:

Just click “Now create your account” to continue.

Follow the instruction and setup your new account and choose your desired VPS.

This is limited time offer only so sign up now.

You need to use the above link to make it work unless you will not be sponsored by me.

Comment below if you encounter any problems regarding registration or making your first VPS.

Franz Fainsan Cute Funny Make Face GIF

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We love this girl Francoise Denise Fainsan aka Franz of Mocha Girls. She is adorable as hell and sexy as f*ck. We made this GIF picture for you. She has a nice voice and she can rap too. What else can you ask for? she’s a babe, man. If i’d marry a filipina celebrity that would be her. She’s prettier than those on local TVs and movies, lmfao.

She loves Jordan shoes, infact there are photos of her collections on her Instagram and official Facebook page. Just search her whole name and the one that comes up on google, that’s her account.

She has no boyfriend as they said that’s not allowed in Mocha Girls. You can watch her live performing just follow her twitter to know more details. She has a sister too that kinda looks liker her, you can see her sister with on some photos. By the way, Franz is the prettiest in their group. How can I say? look at her teeth and that laboching smile, every guy that will see that smile will get a boner quickly, just kidding. Seriously, her eyebrows and eyes make her special. She has that killer look that will make you fall inlove with her (yes, love at first sight doesn’t exist but that’s not applicable to her as you couldn’t help the feeling).

If you want to request animated GIF photos of your favorite people, just comment below and we will make it for ya.

How to Remove the Battery of Asus Zenfone 5

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remove battery asus zenfone 5Do you want to remove the battery of your Asus Zenfone 5 in case of emergency like when it freezes suddenly and all the buttons dont work? This is the only phone that you cant take the battery off as it is on the center of the body of the phone. Some people tried to remove it and they just failed and broke their Asus Zenfone 5 by just doing that in the wrong way. Do you ever think you could really remove its battery?

We are so sorry to tell you that there is no way to remove it as the Asus support doesnt recommend to remove it all by ourselves. Just go to the nearest Asus centre if you have any problems about your Zenfone 5.

Connect Asus Zenfone To LED/LCD/Smart TV

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connect asus zenfone to tv hdmi mhlA lot of Asus Zenfone users still wondering if connecting their device to led/lcd/smart TV via HDMI or microUSB cable is possible at all? well, google it and you will see that no one has tried it yet even on Youtube. It’s because when you look at the specs of any Asus Zenfone, you’ll see that the MHL or HDMI compatibility says NO, meaning it’s not possible to connect it to a flatscreen TV using HDMI cable. But what if we tell you that it is possible?

Connecting the Asus Zenfone to your flatscreen monitor is easy as 123, we just need the right cable to be able to do it.

As of now, they are still updating the system of every Asus Zenfone android phones. We really hope one day, we could really make it to work on flatscreen TVs as playing games on bigger screen is more exciting.


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