Share Cproxy Connection to WiFi via Connectify

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cproxy share connectifySome noobs assume cproxy connection cannot be shared on wifi using connectify because it is not like TOR and OpenVPN which have network adapter. I’m gonna teach you how to do it.

I’m doing this settings for a long time and discovered it myself while exploring on how to really make it work on wifi because I have android tablet and mobile phone.

I’m telling you, they are all wrong because they haven’t tried doing it. I play online games and downloads games on playstore that’s why I did not stop finding a way. In this post, you will find something useful that will make you donate some bucks to us as a thank you. So now, keep in mind that you can share cproxy’s internet connection to your wifi via connectify.

Things you need for this tutorial:

  • Computer/Laptop
  • Internet connection
  • Cproxy account and program (go here if you don’t have an account)
  • Connectify (you may need a PRO version if you’ll share an internet from an USB dongle modem)
  • Any wireless device like android/iOS phones or tablets

Let’s get started, below are the steps that you will need to follow:

      1. Make sure you have an active internet connection
      2. I assume, you already know how to use cproxy. Run it.
      3. Choose the “IP list” from the “Accept request from the following network interfaces“.

(See the screenshot below)

cproxy ip list connectify

4.  Open up your CMD (windows key + R) Type “cmd” without quotes.

– After you open CMD, type “ipconfig /all” without quotes

You will see something that looks like on the screenshot below.

ipconfig cproxy

5.  Copy that IP address: and include it on the list. Make sure you follow the format, don’t just paste it.

(See screenshot below)

cproxy connectify tutorial

Click “Ok” after you finished including it on the list.

6. Open up your Connectify. Just copy the settings below from the screenshot.

connectify successful shared

7.  Now, open up your device Wifi and you will see your Connectify’s wifi.

connected wifi connectify cproxy

8. Tap and hold your wifi’s name. You will see this setting below.

proxy settings

9.  Click modify and enter the IP that you included on your cproxy list. Input the port 3128 and click save.

cproxy settings

Congratulations! you are smart enough to follow this tutorial. Enjoy your wifi at home.

What can you do to this kind of connection?

  • You can download on Google Play
  • Browse websites on browsers
  • Online music streaming like Spotify
  • Online video streaming (Youtube, etc.)
  • Online games
  • Download mp3s
  • Anything you want that is using the internet connection

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NOTE: You need to be rooted to play some online games but other online games works perfectly.

Just comment below if you’re having some problems while following and I will try to respond.

X-Men Legends 2 Android APK

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x-men legends 2 Android APK

That awesome game you played on Playstation? yes, it is already on android. X-Men Legends 2 for Android is not in beta anymore. So you need to organize a party! It is also FREE to download worldwide. X-men fanatics should know this because it is the most anticipating x-men game since the real gaming started. It erfectly runs in any version of android devices. Full APK link below.

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